Waiting List Policies and Procedures

1. On the next business day after your interview, have your caseworker contact Jeremiah Falvey at Voice/TTY: 508-285-2701 ext. 29, to discuss your interview and, if accepted, your position on the waiting list.

2. While you are in treatment or a transitional program, have your caseworker call Jeremiah once a week to get a waiting list update.

3. If you are waiting in a correctional institution: wrap-ups should have their caseworker call two weeks before the wrap date to check on availability; jailers and revise/revoke candidates should have their caseworker call to discuss their status and admission date; parolees should have their caseworker call for a status update. Approval paperwork must be received by the Brockton Parole Office and we will coordinate an admission date with the Field Officer.

4. We will discuss your waiting list status with you or your caseworker only. Please do not have family members or friends contact us regarding your application and waiting list status.

5. If you do not have a photo I.D., please work on obtaining one while awaiting admission.

6. If you are currently taking medication, you must bring a sufficient supply or script with you upon admission.