Halfway House

The Halfway House is a long-term residential facility for substance addiction treatment. Residents admitted to the halfway house have recently completed a short-term rehabilitation program and/or have a history of significant periods of recovery. There are 65 residents in this component. The maximum length of treatment is 180 days.

On entering the program, the resident is assigned to a counselor who functions as both therapist and case manager. Referrals to ancillary services are made as indicated, including medical, psychiatric, legal, vocational and housing services. Residents receive at least 1-hour of individual therapy and 5-hours of group therapy per week. There is at least one discussion group each day. Additional group therapy addresses ACOA issues, same sex orientation issues, trauma survivors, issues for ex-convicts, relapse prevention, and smoking cessation. All residents attend a 13-part series of didactic educational seminars on a variety of health, addictions and living skill topics. There are two weekly meetings to introduce residents to self-help support groups including Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

Residents are required to attend a self-help meeting in the community a minimum of 3 nights per week. Halfway House residents are eligible for employment, personal driving permission and overnight weekend passes (with counselor’s approval).