Executive Administration

Laurence Schneider, Founder and Executive Director Emeritus · About our founder
Jeremiah Falvey, Executive Director
Jane Burgess, Clinical Director & Fundraising Coordinator
Lisa-Jo Mitchell, Director of Program Operations
Marc Mancini, Director of Program Services


Jeff Fontaine, Admissions Case Manager
Robbin Volkart, Admissions Case Manager
Greg Canavan, Admissions Assistant

Program Operations

Mark Early, Operations Manager
Juli Cabot, Operations Assistant
Ricky LaChance, Operations Assistant

Program/Resident Services

Jeffrey Caffelle, Client Services Assistant
Howin Nieves, Client Services Assistant
Gail Peaslee, Client Services Assistant
Nicholas Scarlata, Client Services Assistant


Tim Sheehan, Facilities Manager
William McGrath
Richard Parchesco
John Sullivan


Tracie Dugas, Comptroller
Andrew Fox, Financial Service Representative
Maria Francisco, Billing Specialist
Marta Cafarelli, Bookkeeper

Human Resources

Marie Branco, Head of Human Resources